Men’s Electric Shaver Buying Guide

There are some benefits of using an electric shaver. For example, it is safe and convenient to use. If you have been searching for an electric shaver and you are not sure which model that you want to buy, then you must read our review first. You don’t want to pick the wrong one, do you? Take a good look at some best models we have listed here. You can save a lot of time when shopping for a new electric shaver.

Things to Look For When Shopping for the Best Electric Shaver

Before you buy an electric shaver, we have mentioned earlier that there are some factors that you must know first. Check our tips below.

Cord or Cordless

When you are shopping for a new electric shaver, you have two options whether you want to get one that comes with a power cord or one that is cordless. Of course, the best type that you want to choose may depend on a number of factors. If you consider some aspects such as convenience and freedom, then you must choose a cordless electric shaver. This type is a better choice for traveling. However, if you don’t want to rely on the battery power that needs to be recharged from time to time, then you must choose a corded electric shaver.

Check the Blade and Trimmer Options

Make sure that you check the blade and trimmer options. Lots of high-quality electric shavers come with multiple blade options so that you can get the smoothest shave possible. The more blades, the better it will be. You may notice that some high-quality shavers also come with pop-up trimmers so that you can do detail work on the beard, sideburns, and mustache.

Check the Battery Life

If you choose a cordless shaver, it is very important that you check the battery life. Check how long you can use the shaver on a full charge. The best choice is to pick one that offers a longer battery life.

Check the Wet & Dry Options

Another fact that you must know about an electric shaver is that there are some models that are designed for “dry”, and there are also other models that are designed for wet shaving. Some models can be used in the shower with creams and shave gels. Lots of modern shavers offer these features, thus it is easy to find an electric shaver that can be used for dry and wet shaving.    

Check the Speed

The next factor that you must consider is to check how fast the blades move. The speed of the shaver is measured in cycles per minute. When you are looking for the best electric shaver, make sure that you choose one that can reach 14.000 CPMs.


Keep in mind that high-quality electric shavers come with a warranty. If you want to save more money in the future, you must choose one that offers the longest warranty.

Foil VS Rotary

Modern electric shavers fall into one of two categories. These categories are rotary and foil. These types operate in similar ways and they can be used to get the same result. However, there are some differences. For example, foil shavers are suitable for sensitive skin and rotary shavers work great when used for men who have longer beard hairs.


Cost is without a doubt one of the most important factors that we often consider when shopping for a new electric shaver. No matter how good the product is, you must choose the best one without breaking the bank. There are some cheap shavers and you can also find other models that come at the cost of hundreds of dollars. You need to determine how much you are willing to spend.

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